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Carbon Capture - Leveraged Funds

Using an innovative tax-saving strategy, these are our flagship funds here at FIC. They are usually based on a package of multiple nomad units and a transmission pipeline unit. The tax benefits are taken in the year that the equipment is deployed.

How It Works

Fixed Preferred Payout

Our Investors will get a fixed preferred payout for seven years so that we are not concerned about exceeding the expected life of the equipment.

50% Leverage

These funds use 50% leverage to allow investors to gain a benefit claimable against Ordinary or W-2/1099 income.

100% Tax Benefits

The fund manager covers all costs of running the fund so that the investor is able to take 100% of the tax benefits.

Adapting to changes in Bonus Depreciation

As of 2023, bonus depreciation is 80% in the first year with 20% depreciation spread out over the first six years. The use of leverage will allow for the year-one bonus depreciation to be 168% of your investment.

For the investor to take the bonus depreciation against ordinary income, they need to be general partners for 7-18 months, depending on the entry date. After that, they will be converted to limited partners for the remainder of the project.  

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‘Leveraged Versus Unleveraged Funds: A Comparison’

We have compared the features of our Leveraged and Unleveraged Funds so that you can determine with your financial advisors which one is best for you. Read more in our blog article.

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