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Maximize Your Options [Case Study]

Are you overlooking investment opportunities? 

We all have different buckets of money that are set aside for specific needs— a financial plan. 

From daily expenses to venture capital, good investors like yourself make different allotments to reach your goals. But sometimes, being a stickler to the plan might have you overlooking viable opportunities. That’s where we can help. 

When our team at FIC gets on the phone or a Zoom call, we’re always interested in seeing that the investments we suggest are appropriate and a good fit. Even if it might be different from what you were initially interested in. 

Always keep in mind that we are not financial advisors, attorneys, or accountants (nor do we claim to be) but we are here to offer our suggestions from our personal experience as investors. 

Investing to the Maximum Advantage 

Many of our investors first reach out to us to learn more about the tax advantages of our CO2 capture investments and the strong returns they provide. 

However, during the conversation, we often discover that their self-directed IRA/401K “bucket” is a viable option and our CDF1 (Collateralized Debt Fund) is more appropriate for their needs.

Enter Paul, who has three fast-growing children, Lisa (12), Aaron (14), and Phillip (16) that will soon enough be off to college. Paul and his wife had a “set it and be done with it” attitude with their educational funds and put aside $50,000 for each child. 

Not wanting to risk the principal, they left that $150,000 sitting in a money market fund until it was needed… safe but making next to nothing. Talk about opportunity costs! 

When I mentioned to Paul that the CDF1 pays 12% annualized and only had a two year lock up, his ears perked up. Their eldest, Phillip, was two years out from graduating and the cost of college was just around the corner. 

If they invested that money, it would be $36,000 more in their account compared to their principal sitting idle. Paul started to realize that this could also help with other expenses, like first cars, housing, inflation etc. 

Will Paul and his wife ever have to touch the $150,000 principal by the time all the kids are through college? Probably— but this investment would surely ease the pain and give them some added economic security.

Two days later Paul called me back. “I forgot”, he said. “I have $150,000 in cash value in my whole life insurance policy. If I borrow, say $100,000 from the insurance company at 5%, I can leverage the note and make 7%.” That’s investing to the maximum advantage. 

All in all, these couple of decisions would make $43,000 more for Paul’s family, year over year. 

That’s why we do what we do at Freedom Impact Consulting. We help families move closer and closer to prosperity and financial freedom.

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