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Freedom Impact Consulting provides several syndicated investments
in Clean Energy, Real Estate, and other real asset classes.

 Our syndication deals are opportunities for accredited investors to find consistent cash flow, good returns, and tax benefits that are not available with traditional investments.

Reduce Your Tax Liability | Build Generational Wealth | Find Financial Freedom

Current Offerrings

Leveraged Funds

Using an innovative tax-saving strategy, these are our flagship funds here at FIC. They are usually based on a package of multiple nomad units and a transmission pipeline unit.

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Unleveraged Funds

From time to time, we have the opportunity to offer nomad and transmission pipeline units to individuals and groups as owners as opposed to shareholders.

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Real Estate Syndication

When you’re a high-earning W-2/1099 investor, it’s important to hold a diversified portfolio that balances your active and passive income streams.

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Collateralized Debt Fund

The Collateralized Debt Fund (CDF) is a high yield, interest-bearing debt fund (preferred return, 10-12%) constructed to develop raw land from the ground up for commercial and residential housing in high-growth markets.

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