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Share Funds

These are our flagship funds. They are usually based on a package of multiple nomad units and a transmission pipeline unit. The tax benefits are taken in the year the equipment is deployed.  Our investors will get a fixed preferred payout for seven years so that we are not concerned about exceeding the expected life of the equipment. These funds use 50% leverage to allow for a 2x tax benefit against ordinary or w2 income. The fund manager covers all costs of running the fund so that the investor takes 100% of the tax benefits. For the investor to take the bonus depreciation against ordinary income, they need to be general partners for 7-18 months, depending on the entry date. After that, they will be converted to limited partners for the remainder of the project.  

Freedom Energy Fund 1, LP
Freedom Energy Fund 2, LP
CC Shares, LP
CC2 Shares, LP
CC3 Shares, LP
MCA Shares, LP
CC4 Share 2022, LP (Class A-C)


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From time to time, we have the opportunity to offer nomad and transmission pipeline units to individuals and groups as owners as opposed to shareholders. The minimums are significantly higher, and they are generally offered to previous investors who have expressed interest in owning entire units. The owners will be involved in the deal for the full lifetime of the equipment and may have the opportunity to invest in the refurbishment of the equipment.

BB1 Pipeline, LP
BB2 Pipeline, LP
DenVet Pipeline, LP
FourDocs Pipeline, LP
SLF Pipeline, LP
SLF2 Pipeline, LP
SLF3 Pipeline, LP
KD Pipeline, LP
01 Carbon Capture
02 Carbon Capture
03 Carbon Capture
04 Carbon Capture
05 Carbon Capture
06 Carbon Capture
07 Carbon Capture
08 Carbon Capture
09 Carbon Capture
10 Carbon Capture


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IRA Funds

Using IRA funds to invest in our funds eliminates one of the most significant advantages of investing: the bonus depreciation against ordinary income. However, many of our investors have considerable capital tied up in self-directed IRAs and solo 401Ks. Since this is an active business, UBIT tax is triggered as well. We have created an IRA-friendly version of our fund that uses the bonus depreciation to offset the first few years of UBIT tax and provides a sizable yield in a tax-free environment. We get yields from the low 20s to high 30s that level out around 20% for the first few years. The investor participates in the investment for the life of the equipment. 

IRA Shares, LP


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Sponsor Funds

We have opportunities to partner with sponsors who have a significant list of investors who are interested in significant tax benefits. We have created a turnkey syndication opportunity that allow sponsors to create a fund for their investors that is identical to our flagship shares funds. To participate, sponsors go through an application process, create 506b or c documents, secure financing, and support their investors while we place the equipment and operate the project and payouts. Sponsors will share equipment ownership and participate for the life of the equipment.

SYN 01, LP
SYN 02, LP
SYN 03, LP
SYN 04, LP
SYN 05, LP
SYN 06, LP
SYN 07, LP
SYN 08, LP
SYN 09, LP
SYN 10, LP
SYN 11, LP
SYN 12, LP
SYN 13, LP


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