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Reflections & Embarking vs Procrastination

Dave Stech, a good friend and very successful investor, takes this time of year to reflect on his goals from the last year and plan what he is going to embark upon in the coming year.

He is not thinking about next year’s goals on December 31 or January 1, by then he has already hit the ground running. It is my belief this is a powerful concept— success leaves clues.

Last year I was amazed at the number of people reaching out late in December with a tax problem on their hands, only to be disappointed we couldn’t accommodate their requests. This was a painful lesson for those individuals.

My message is to learn from them and don’t let that be you. In the long run, tax planning and mitigation is as important, if not more important than an investment’s return.

As you are probably aware, Freedom Impact Consulting has received what we believe to be our last allocation of equipment to fund for the year. This coupled with 2022 being the last year of 100% bonus deprecation, has led to a high demand for both our leveraged and non-leveraged funds.

We have filled all our funds except our last non-leveraged fund, which as of this moment, is half full. Our non-leveraged fund offers 100% (1X) bonus depreciation against ordinary or w2 income, has an estimated return of over 25% year over year for the life of the equipment (estimated at 12-15 years).

Please take the time to reflect on your investment goals and embark upon your tax planning needs now. It is very unlikely we will have any opportunities after the end of October.

Our currently available non-leveraged fund is OShares 04. If this investment is not in your portal and you are familiar with it, please reach out to have it added to your portal.

If you are not familiar, you can reach out to me or schedule a call to see if it fits your needs.