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Why It’s Wise to Invest in Carbon Capture Equipment

Tom Wheelwright, CPA, author of “Tax-Free Wealth” was the first to point out that the average person in a developed country spends 30-50 percent of their hard-earned income in taxes. He further pointed out that 95 percent of the tax code is intended not to raise taxes but rather to stimulate economic, agricultural, and ENERGY activities.


Being a firm believer in the saying “it’s not what you make that count but what you keep,” I embrace the concept of seeking out investments that not only offer a great return before taxes but, more importantly, after.

Investing in oil and gas has long been a tax-favored area in the tax code, along with investing in equipment.

With the more recent changes to the tax code, adding accelerated depreciation has made these areas a “home run.” The accelerated depreciation is what makes investing in carbon capture equipment such an attractive investment.

Coupled with the “Green” component of putting CO2 saturated Ceta-solvent back in the earth, it is even more of an attractive investment.

The challenge we face is that we don’t know how long accelerated depreciation will be in the ever-constant changing tax code.

My philosophy is to take advantage of what the market has to offer as a strategic part of any wealth-building portfolio.

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